The workshop is planned as an open-space event in which the workshop participants host and participate in discussions related to the topics of interest.

At least one author of each paper is expected to register for the workshop. During the workshop, the author is expected to host or co-host a discussion group.

Lightning talks

During this session, the paper authors briefly introduce their topics, opinions, ideas, and questions to the audience in a 5-minute lightning talk. These talks serve to contextualize and kick-off the discussions rounds later the day.

For presenters: Slides are optional. If you can convey your ideas in a fiery speech without any slides, that is great! If you wish to use slides during your talk, please send the slides as PDF to eckart AT until the May 22nd 23:59 local time in Portoroz such that we can pre-load them on a laptop.

Discussion rounds

We plan to align the topics of the discussion groups with the topics of the authors submissions. Presently, we consider discussion rounds on the following general topics:

  • Discovery of content and access to content
  • Interoperability across tools, frameworks, and platforms
  • Interoperability across language resources and knowledge resources
  • Legal and policy issues
  • Interoperability in multi-lingual and cross-lingual scenarios
  • eInfrastructures

The hosts will take minutes which are to be aggregated into a report after the workshop. We wish to encourage authors to offer their help in the report writing process to the organizing committee.


At the end of the day, we will all come together again. The discussion group hosts shall give a short summary based on the minutes taken during the discussion rounds. This will also be another opportunity for all to ask questions and to give feedback.